CHILDES Playground

In this playground you make queries using a given set of files. Below, a short description is given of the possible settings for each of the parameters.

View: normal representation of the selected file.
MLU/MLT/TTR: computes the respective values of these measures.
Frequency analysis: gives a list of types and the number of tokens + the TTR.
Start at/End at: states from/until which line number a file is shown.
Participant filter: if one or more participant tiers are filled in (e.g. 'chi,mot') only lines from those participants are shown.
Word filter: filters sentences containing the given word. You may use the operators '*,|-'. '*' is a wildcard; filling in 'auto*' gives 'auto', 'auto's', 'autootje' etc. as a result. ',' is the AND operator, '|' stands for OR and '-' before a string will show only the results that do NOT contain the specified symbolstring. It is also allowed to fill in several words: 'de auto' or even 'de * auto' which returns results like 'de rode auto'.
Context pre-/post-select: when some filter is used, this parameter makes it possible to show not only the results of the query but also a certain amount of context.
Show act/phon/mor/... data?: if set at 'yes' the respective tiers are shown.

Start at:
End at:
Word filter:
This can be a comma seperated list
Note you can use *
Show mor data?
Show act data?
Show pho data?
Show com data?
Show syn data?
Show err data?