Introduction to morphology exercises

In this section you can find some exercises on morphology, the structure of words. Morphology has a lot in common with syntax: both study structure albeit on a different level. The tools used for syntax can therefore often be used for morphological purposes as well. You will see use of the tree drawing tool here, as well as the inclusion of a morphological parser.

Try any of the exercises you like or turn to the Playground sections to play with the tools without having to bother about exercise restrictions. New users are recommended to turn there because you can find some short explanation on how the tools work, though we tried to make them such that most of you will have no trouble finding things out on your own. Both students and teachers can use the contact form (at the bottom of the menu) to give us their opinion on these tools. You may tell us anything: what you like and don't like about the tools, what you would like to see included, what could use some better explanation, etc. . Only with your feedback will it be possible to improve things for possible future upgrades.