Graz Database on Reduplication

Reduplication: a process whereby all or part of a word is repeated and that repetition carries with it a grammatical function or some semantic information.

Let's start with a familiar example of reduplication: the French noun 'bon-bon'. You can look it up in the database. Its simplex form is the adjective 'bon' (transl. 'good'). This form of reduplication functions as a lexical enrichment. What is the other possible function of reduplication in French?
Give the functions of the reduplications in the following sentences:
"Hy steier dronk~dronk die kamer binne."
He staggers drunkenly into the room.
"Die leeu loop brul~brul weg."
Roaring, the lion walks away.
Which of the given animal names is not formed through reduplication in Papiamentu?
jelly fish sea urchin gecko parakeet

Reduplicants in Brasilian Portuegese do not need to have a simplex form. Give the basic examples of those reduplicants (in alphabetical order).