Ethnologue (SIL)

The Dutch language is classified in Ethnologue as "Indo-European, Germanic, West, Low Saxon-Low Franconian, Low Franconian". Within the Indo-European language family Dutch only one of the 449 leaves of the family tree.

a) Use the treebuilder to show the Low Saxon-Low Franconian branch. The leaves represent the languages and the nodes are the family names. Except for the first node above a leave - mark that one with the 3-letter code of the language. Name the sibling nodes alphabetically from left to right.

Use slash ('/') instead of an empty space.
Example: 'Low Saxon' is written as 'Low/Saxon',
and: 'Frisian, Eastern' as 'Frisian,/Eastern'

For example:

syntax tree

b) Again, use the treebuilder as you did in a), and give the tree for the Siouan-family and for the Chumash. (ignore special symbols)


c) Which countries inhabit speakers of Bissa? Name them in alphabetical order.

d) How are the speakers of Bissa called?

e) Name four languages that have less than 30 native speakers.