Word ordering

Given below are a Context-free grammar fragment for a small subset of English (an SOV language), including a vocabulary for the grammar, and a list of English words with their Arabic (a VSO language) translations.


1S S Conj S
4NP NP Conj NP
5NP 'I'
6NP 'you'
7NP 'he'
8NP 'we'
9NP 'they'
10NP 'coffee'
11NP 'tea'
12V 'want'
13V 'wants'
14V 'drink'
15V 'drinks'
16Conj 'and'
I anaa
you anta
he huuwa
we nahnu
they hum
want(1 sg) uriidu
want(2 sg) turiidu
wants yuriidu
want(1 pl) turiidu
want(2 pl) turiidu
want(3 pl) turiidu
coffee kahwa
tea shay
and wa
drink(1 sg) ashrabu
drink(2 sg) tashrabu
drinks yashrabu
drink(1 pl) nashrabu
drink(2 pl) tashrabuu
drink(3 pl) yashrabuu

a.) Adjust the vocabulary of the CFG so that it contains only the Arabic words.
b.) Adjust the grammar so it can now be used to parse the translation of the following sentence correctly:

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