Quiz questions

In this exercise you have to find out what typical phenomena occur in the child's language. Use the file given below to answer the following questions.

Search in line 8-180-. In which cases does the child use an 'e'?
'e' replaces adjuncts or adjectives
'e' replaces auxiliaries
'e' replaces articles
'e' is a sort of pause used to have time to think
Look at line 0-300. Which demonstrative pronouns does the child use?
die, dit, deze, dat
deze, dat
die, dit, deze
If demonstrative pronouns occur within noun phrases, is there agreement between the two?
yes, sometimes
yes, always
no, never
The consonants 'l' and 'r' are learnt by children. Look at line 0-200. Does the child pronounce them where needed?
only 'l' is pronounced
only 'r' is pronounced
neither of them is pronounced
yes, both 'l' and 'r' are always used
In this example the child devoices /z/ which becomes an /s/ (devoicing). /s/ is used for another consonant, which one?
Which plural affix(es) does the child use?
-s, -en
self-invented ones
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