Acquisition at different language levels

As you may have noticed, there are several different tiers that start with '%'. The Chip-commando in exercise 2 added four of them to the original conversation. More standard in the CHAT code are 1) the speaker dependent tiers, and 2) the tiers for different levels of language. Speaker dependent tiers are %act, %exp and %sit for example (brief overview). The %pho- %syn- and %mor-tier contain phonemic transcription, syntactic structure and morfosyntactic structure respectively. If they are present in the CHILDES-file and if they are useful for the exercise the tiers are shown in the output on this site. If you want to, you can hide the tiers by selecting 'No' 'Show X data?' option.

a) Can you find out for which words Jane uses the phonemic string 'phiphi' or 'phi' in jane03.cha?

b) 'phiphi' is an example of reduplication. Give other examples of this phenomenon.

c) It turns out that little Jane is not able yet to pronounce the /s/ correctly (at the beginning of a word). Which consonants does she uses instead?

d) When Jane is about 3 years and 5 months old, her lexicon and the complexity of her utterances are very much improved. Take a look at the auxiliaries and the verbs she uses. Where is more improvement possible?

e) Compare the morphological structures Jane uses when she is 19 months and about 3,5 years old. What categories of words does she use at the two different ages and which differences can you discover in her ability to add inflection to words?

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