Aim of this project is to start the creation of an exercise component for an e-book for beginning linguistics students.

In 2004 a project was started (originally named Eboli ) that sought to start the creation of an e-book for first year Linguistic students at Utrecht University. In this phase of the project (now renamed Linguistics Online or simply LiOn ), that will initially last for a month in August 2006, we will start the construction of an exercise component. The exercices should be seen as the ones that are typically to be found in workgroups. In recent years however these workgroups have been mostly replaced by computer practica, leaving no room for students to practise their skills. Therefore these exercises should allow students to test the knowledge they have gained from the theoretical part of the e-book in an easy and intuitive manner. This means that no programming skills should be necessary to complete these exercises, nor should students be required to leave the environment of the book.

Achieving this will most likely mean we have to make use of several resources. All tools will have to be open-source or made by ourselves. We will start with creating questions that deal with syntax and hopefully will also be able to cover other areas, preferrably including ones that make use of corpora and other linguistic databases.

Note that in this phase of the project we do not aim to integrate the exercise components in the Eboli interface that was developed in an earlier stage of the project

Date: 30 July 2006